The Rifton Seating System

rifton seating system


The Rifton Seating System includes three specially designed chairs
with a variety of choices that will enable you to customize
the best solution for your child's needs.




Chair Comparison:

rifton stationary chair rifton low back mobile chair rifton high back mobile chair
Stationary Chair Low Back Mobile Chair High Back Mobile Chair
If your child can walk with assistance and does not need a chair on wheels, you shouldn't have to pay for mobility. The Stationary Chair is a simple work chair for a minimally disabled child. Comes in small, medium and large. Primarily designed for a child who needs lower body support, this Mobile Chair may be of greatest help to a child whose lower extremities require secure positioning. Customize the Chair to your child's specific needs by adding accessories to the frame. Comes in medium and large. For children who need more upper body support, the High Back Mobile Chair can be customized by adding accessories to the chair frame. Choose the basic chair with backrest and armrests, and build up the accessories as needed. Comes in small, medium and large.

rifton seating system adjustmentsAdjusting a Rifton Seating System Chair

Key User Dimension: Height

rifton seating system user dimensionsThe user's overall height is a general guide to
help you select the appropriate Chair. Choose the model that allows for growth. Important: Make sure that seat width, depth, and height are adequate for each individual user, and that the user's weight does not exceed the maximum working load.





User Dimensions small medium large
Height 34"-46" 42"-55" 53"-72"



Item Dimensions small medium large
Armrest height above seat 5'' - 8" 7'' - 10½" 7'' - 10½"
Backrest height 15" Low 13'' / High 18'' Low 19'' / High 24''
Frame width (with wheels) 22'' 24½'' 28''
Headrest cntr. ht. Above seat (high back) 17'' - 21'' 20'' - 24'' 26'' - 30''
Max. working load 75 lbs 150 lbs 225 lbs
Seat depth 8'' - 10'' 10½'' - 14'' 15'' - 20''
Seat height above Footboard 7½'' - 10½'' 10½'' - 14½'' 14'' - 17½''
Seat width (without pads) 12'' 14'' 17''
Tray Dimensions 11'' x 17½'' 12'' x 20½'' 13½'' x 24''
Trunk support width 5½'' - 9½'' 7½'' - 11½'' 10'' - 14''


rifton seating system headrest

Headrests come in two shapes, flat and contoured, with vertical adjustments. They clip onto the chair back and adjust up and down.

rifton seating system trunk support

The Trunk Support pads can be adjusted in width, angle, and height. The strap on the Trunk Support can be adjusted to control trunk movement and it releases when either end is lifted up.

rifton seating system abductor

The padded Abductor separates the knees and adjusts forward or back. It can also be removed. The Leg Prompts are an alternative to the Abductor and give more leg support. Straps pass around front of leg just below the knee, securing the leg to a pad behind the calf. They help support a user being assisted to a standing position. Leg Prompts and Abductor cannot be used simultaneously, they use the same bracket.

rifton seating system tray

The Tray, a working surface with raised edges and rounded corners is very easy to clean. Remove it with a release catch under the front edge of the Tray. The Tray attaches to the armrests, which can tilt at different angles and are height adjustable, also when the Tray is attached. A movable, vertical Handhold can be used to stabilize one hand.

rifton seating system sandals & wedges

Sandals and Wedges lift or adjust the feet of the child. Configure them yourself with the unique "stack and latch" feature. Open the latches to reconfigure, then close each latch to secure the Wedge or Sandal.

rifton seating system side pads

Additional Side Pads can be added to reduce the seat width. They slip over the Armrest Pads.

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